This service will not be available for real-world conventions in 2020 due to the coronavirus.


Excited to pitch a publisher but can’t make it in person?

Can’t justify spending hundreds (or thousands) on a flight, hotel room, and so on?

Planned to go but suddenly can’t make it?

In short, I take your game to a convention to pitch it in-person. Here’s how it works.


Step 1: reserve a space (no obligation or money needed here)

This lets me know you’re interested.


Step 2: Pitch publishers and tell me about your game

This part is where you’ll upload your rulebook, cards, and so on. You’ll also need to pitch publishers attending the convention.

Step 3: Reserve times and make payment

Check the schedule for open times, naturally.

What happens after I reserve a time?

  • I print off and assemble your game (I’m a game designer as well and have plenty of bits)
  • I learn your game to be able to pitch it (if any questions come up, I’ll e-mail you)
  • I physically travel to the convention with your game in my bag.
  • I meet the publisher’s representative, and the publisher is made aware I’m authorized to appear on your behalf.
  • I walk them through your game as if it were my own. I answer questions, refer to your rule book, demonstrate your game, and otherwise enable your game to be seen.
  • I write down their questions, feedback, and reactions, and (depending on the publisher’s preference) will give them the prototype of the game or have you send on a print-and-play. If more than one publisher wants a prototype, I’ll e-mail you ASAP to let you know.
  • After the convention is over, I send you a report via e-mail on how it went.

Why are you doing this?

I believe that conventions are the best place to sit down with publishers and understand what they’re looking for. That sort of face-to-face connection can be expensive, really difficult, or just about impossible for some folks. Whether it’s family, work, health, or other reasons, it makes it a lot harder to get a game published.

I am fortunate to be able to travel to two of the biggest conventions in Europe — UKGE and Essen — to pitch my own games and to help others get their game pitched. Between living in Europe and being a game designer, I’m in a perfect position to help you get your games in front of publishers.

How much is it?

The price is based on two factors: how many pages need to be printed, and how many pieces the game has. This covers the time it takes me to learn your game and print / assemble it.

Prefer to ship a physical prototype to Europe? Keep reading.

All prices in US dollars:

For the 1st appointment: 1-50 pieces 51-100 pieces 100-150 pieces
1-10 pages $99 $99 $149
11-25 pages $99 $149 $199
26-40 pages $149 $199 $199

Schedule more than one appointment at the same convention and save on the rest of your appointments!

For all other appointments for the same game at the same convention: 1-50 pieces 51-100 pieces 100-150 pieces
1-10 pages $69 $69 $109
11-25 pages $69 $109 $149
26-40 pages $109 $149 $149
  • Pages are things that need printing on paper. This includes the rulebook, cards, maps, player boards, and so on.
  • Pieces are things like dice, meeples, cubes, houses, poker chips, and so on.
  • I cannot accept games that require more than 40 pages to print or more than 150 pieces.

If you prefer to ship a prototype to the United Kingdom…

Less assembly for me means a cheaper price for you. The first appointment will cost $99 and all other appointments will cost $69.

IMPORTANT: you will not get this prototype back. It will either be given to a publisher if they want it or recycled after the convention is over.

Any limitations / other rules / fine print I need to know about?

  • For obvious reasons, I can only accept one appointment per time slot. First come, first serve!
  • As the presenter, I offer my services on a ‘best-effort’ basis. I will present your game with the same energy and effort as I would present one of my own. I cannot guarantee that a publisher will want to learn more about your game, only that I will present it to my best of my ability.
  • While I’m cool with adult humor / party games, I will reserve the right to decline a game that isn’t complete or ready to pitch, or has racist / sexist / homophobic content.

Ready to go, or have a question?

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