Here we go! Step 1

  • OK, this part's important.

    You need to be able to check the following boxes honestly. If you can't, it means your game isn't ready for pitching publishers, and we're just going to waste a lot of people's time. Not a good look for any of us. I will also be offering this service at Essen Spiel (Germany / October 2020) and future conferences - if it's not ready for this one, let's connect in the future.
  • A quick reminder

    • You're not on the hook for anything yet, and no reservations have been made yet. All this form does is let me know that you're interested.
    • You don't need to pay anything until you confirm the appointment time(s) you choose.
    • After hitting 'Submit' below, please read the instructions carefully, and make contact if you have any questions.