Get a top-10 list of the best publishers to pitch your game to.

Think ‘sniper’, not ‘shotgun’.


You’ve heard the advice ‘pitch well’ or ‘pitch right’. You know not to pitch a 20 minute party game to a publisher that only makes three-hour wargames. You know there’s a ton of publishers out there, and one (or more!) of them may be a perfect fit for your game… but where are they? How do I find them?

Hi, I’m Chris Backe (rhymes with ‘hockey’). I make games over at As part of my own efforts to find the best publisher for my own games, I have spent literally hundreds of hours creating a huge database of tabletop publishers and learning everything I can about what publishers are looking for. The result is this website, and it’s an offering I’m really proud of. Learn more about the Dossier.

This ‘research-for-you’ service is your chance to learn about at least 10 publishers that are worth pitching your game to. This helps narrow the field a bit from hundreds of publishers to the few that are most worth pitching.

How it works

  • Step 1: pay via Paypal at the bottom of the form ($49.99 USD).
  • Step 2: you’ll receive a link to a form to tell me about your game. The more details, the better!
  • Step 3: I carefully research publishers, looking for great fits based on public information, their previous games, social media channels, and so on.
  • Step 4: In about a week, you get a report in your e-mail with hand-selected publishers that look to be a great fit for your game.


What does a report contain?

  • At least 10 publishers or more that look like a fit
  • Their website and preferred method of contact
  • A little bit about the games they have most recently published
  • Any public information I can find on what they’re working on, looking for, etc.
  • Any personal notes I can share

Get started.

Details, disclaimers, fine print, etc.

  • Reports are individually created and researched on a ‘best effort’ basis, as if your game were one of my own.
  • You will receive a PDF report via e-mail about a week after your order.
  • Once the report has been delivered, no refunds can be offered. (The one exception: If I can’t find 10 publishers to recommend for your game, I’ll send on a pro-rated refund automatically. If I could only find 7 great fits, for example, you’d get a 30% refund. I don’t expect this to be needed, but like a good game designer, it’s a contingency I’ve thought of.)
  • The obvious but necessary disclaimer: I am not responsible for your success or failure with your game, and cannot offer any ‘pull’ with any publishers. Once you receive the report, it’s on you to make something happen with it. Do some deeper research, connect with people on social media, put together a solid pitch, etc.