Research as a service

Ready to start pitching your games but no idea who to pitch?

Wish there was a way to get insight without spending tons of time researching?

Want to get more responses to your pitches?

Get a top-10 list of the best publishers to pitch your game to.

Hi, I’m Chris Backe (rhymes with ‘hockey’). I make games over at As part of my own efforts to find the best publisher for my own games, I’ve spent hundreds of hours creating a huge database of tabletop publishers.

Think ‘sniper’, not ‘shotgun’.

You’ve heard the advice ‘pitch well’ or ‘pitch right’. You know not to pitch a 20 minute party game to a publisher that only makes three-hour wargames. You know there’s a ton of publishers out there, and one (or more!) of them may be a perfect fit for your game… but where are they? How do I find them?

How it works

  • Step 1: tell me about your game. The more details, the better!
  • Step 2: pay via Paypal at the bottom of the form ($49 USD).
  • Step 3: I carefully research publishers, looking for great fits based on public information, their previous games, social media channels, and so on.
  • Step 4: In 2-3 business days, you get a report in your e-mail with hand-selected publishers that look to be a great fit for your game.

What does a report contain?

  • At least 10 publishers
  • Their website and preferred method of contact
  • A little bit about the games they have most recently published
  • Any public information I can find on what they’re working on, looking for, etc.
  • Any personal notes I can share

Let’s do it.

Get started

Details and fine print

  • Reports are individually created and researched on a ‘best effort’ basis. In other words, I treat your game like one of my own.
  • Once the report has been delivered, no refunds can be offered. (The one exception: If I can’t find 10 publishers to recommend for your game, I’ll send on a pro-rated refund. If I could only find 7 great fits, for example, you’d get a 30% refund. I don’t expect this to be needed, but like a good game designer, it’s a contingency I’ve thought of.)
  • It might go without saying, but no guarantees can be made. Once you get the report, it’s on you to make something happen with it.